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We can be found from Youtube with user tavernaguild.


Follow us at tavernaguild.

Website information

phpBB, basis of all
Board3, portal Mod for phpBB
Matti from GamesBoard.pl is author for the base theme for Cataclysm. Which is then modified "a few times" to fit our needs.

If you want similar mods to ours but can't code them yourself or need help coding check the following links
Teksonic Mods .com, Raid planner, Progress board, Recruitment board.. (free)
Root Area, some mods for Joomla etc non-free
WoW Armory API, PHP-API for accessing WoW Armory
bbDKP, All-in-One bulleting board (dkp) mod for World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs
EQdkp Plus, Continuation of the famous EQdkp portal

Taverna [T] Logos

Made really fast just to give some visual stamping for screenshots.
T-logo, 300px * 300px
T-logo, 1280px * 1280px
T-logo with Taverna text, 1280px * 1280px